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Brightline's lawyers have advised individuals, SMEs, public listed companies, and all levels of government. Our lawyers have provided specialist technology and IP advice in numerous corporate transactions.
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We offer advisory and documentation services in the following specialist areas (click an area to see more detail):

Information and communications technology is a specialist area which requires an experienced adviser.

Brightline's lawyers have advised in the information and communications fields for many years. We understand industry jargon and commercial norms, standard form contracts, vendor and customer positions and drivers.

Brightline can make ICT contracting rapid and painless, while mitigating risks and achieving sensible, risk-aware, balanced commercial outcomes.

Intellectual property is a key business asset. IP is crucial to protect enterprise innovation, to add certainty and to crystalise and evidence enterprise value.

Brightline can assist in identifying key business IP by undertaking an IP identification audit. We can protect IP by appropriate registrations (such as registered trade mark or design protection) and contractual arrangements (for example, confidentiality agreements).

Brightline can assist in crystalising the value of existing IP, and place enterprises in a better position to commercialise, defend and exploit their innovation.

Brightline's lawyers have significant experience in commercialising intellectual property.

Our lawyers have acted for universities and public listed entities in IP licence, royalty and sale agreements in various fields including ICT, biotechnology, publishing, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, defence industries, and industrial patents and designs.

We can assist both owners and licensees to negotiate and document commercialisation arrangements which are detailed and rigorous, and yet sufficiently flexible to adapt to future developments.

Franchising is a specialist area which calls for an advisor with experience and expertise in both regulatory and practical aspects of the franchising sector.

Brightline's lawyers have advised numerous franchisors and franchisees, as well as having been involved in sale transactions involving entire franchise systems.

We can assist with initial franchise system development, preparation or review of franchise agreements and disclosure material, advice on renewals or transfers, and dispute resolution.

Brightline's lawyers have demonstrated experience in brand advice, protection and management. Our lawyers have advised large enterprises and listed entities, small and medium business and individuals, in relation to brands, names, logos and trade marks.

We can assist with brand selection advice and availability searches, acquisition and consolidation of brand rights including domain names, trade mark registration in Australia and overseas, domain registration, infringement searches and monitoring, and dispute resolution.

Information law encompasses information and data privacy, freedom of information, and records management. It is a highly regulated and rapdily changing area of the law.

Brightline's lawyers have significant experience in advising both public and private sector on information law obligations. We can assist by preparing privacy policy documentation, advising on FOI and privacy obligations, auditing compliance and providing training, and advising on record-keeping and records management requirements.